Looking for a Great Book? Sample These

One of the toughest reading audiences is boys, ages 8 to 13 … and the scores on reading tests back this up. This has always been a tough group, but technology has made it even tougher to catch their attention and get boys interested in reading. The bottom line: There is a tremendous need for books for boys.

Well, Max Elliot Andrson — who admits he was a reluctant reader as a child — is making it easy for you to find that perfect book. Each Monday in October and for two Mondays in November, Max will post one chapter from each of his seven published, action-adventures & mysteries on his blog Books for Boys.

The books are especially attractive to boys 8 to 13, but girls love them to. Each book is rated by Accelerated Reader. Stop by Max’s blog, http://www.booksandboys.blogspot.com to read a chapter.

Be sure to leave a comment and let him know you stopped by after jumping in the Reading Tub®.

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