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Welcome back fans & friends! This week’s Throwback Thursday is going to the dogs. Sorry, I couldn’t resist. We are our continuing celebration of all things Cybils with a throwback to TWO Lori Ries books: Good Dog, Aggie (Cybils 2009) and Aggie the Brave (Cybils 2010 nominee). Both books were nominated in the Easy Reader category.

Just a reminder. Today is the last day for nominations for the 2015 cycle. There are ten categories, and we won’t know about your great recommendations if you don’t nominate them!

Lori Ries Good Dog AggieGood Dog, Aggie

written by Lori Ries
illustrated by Frank W. Dormer

Charlesbridge, 2009

Ben is trying to train his dog Aggie, who just flunked out of obedience school. When he says sits, she runs; when he says run, she runs. Aggie doesn’t want to sit or stay, and she is causing trouble everywhere she goes. Finally, Ben has had enough, Aggie is just not a good dog. He takes Aggie and his little red ball to the park only to learn that she has her own way of deciding when she wants to sit.

Reading Tub review Good Dog Aggie: November 2009

easy reader series for kidsAggie the Brave

written by Lori Ries
illustrated by Frank W. Dormer

Charlesbridge, 2009

Ben and his mom are taking Aggie to the vet to be spayed. Aggie is scared; Ben is brave … until he learns that he’ll be going home without Aggie. Ben hopes that by going to bed in the afternoon tomorrow will get here faster and they can pick up Aggie sooner. Ben is happy, but sad. Now Aggie has to be a “quiet” dog for two weeks. No running around. How can Ben help Aggie be brave now?

Reading Tub review of Aggie the Brave: November 2010

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