Lucky Me

This has been quite a Monday.

We spent the weekend watching repeat performances of the elementary school’s version of The Wizard of Oz. My daughter was a munchkin, poppy, and Oz-ian. This is NOT the Somewhere-Over-the-Rainbow version. In this version, the poppies tell Dorothy “Don’t talk to strangers and don’t do drugs.”  It was fun, but it killed the weekend.

Just before lunch, I get a call from school. Dear daughter has caught what everyone else has (and probably shared backstage). Please come get her. End of workday, start of an afternoon reading on the sofa.

Then the mail comes. The Wheat Doll arrives. What a beautiful book. For the first time EVER, II won a book giveaway! THANKS 100 Scope Notes you made my day! How ironic that it arrived on the day you posted about the future of reviewing picture bookse … and on an afternoon where I needed a new book. Man, you’re go-o-oo-oo-d!

3 responses to “Lucky Me

  1. I’m glad it arrived at the right time. I am now happy the post office convinced me to spring for priority mail – Shout out to the USPS!
    Scope Notes

  2. Just visiting

    I wonder if that might be why I am a teensy bit hypochondriacal? I used to LOVE getting sick so I could curl up on the sofa and READ.

    Also wanted to let you know that there is a new and improved(?) Book Chook blog at Blogspot. You kindly posted a link to the first Book Chook blog, hosted at my website, below. I am almost ready to introduce myself to the kidlitosphere.

    Book Chook

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