Make a Splash @ Your Library – Week 3

I am still recovering from the American Library Association Annual Conference and promise to write about it soon. Since I got home it has been run-run-run, so today I was intent on being Mom first and keeping our Wednesday trip to the library in tact.

As I mentioned last week, Catherine’s BFF was awaiting her shiny new library card. Long story short, she didn’t have ID with her address on it (what 7-year-old carries ID? Really!). So they were sending her a postcard, which probably got lost in the unbelievably damaging microburst last Thursday. Today, though, they gave her a shiny new card! She was so worried that she couldn’t come with us now that she has her own card.

There is no worries about that happening! I have been trying for a year(!) to get Catherine to read a Magic Treehouse book. Not because I think they’re the end-all of literature, but because they will push her into new areas. Leave it to her BFF to pull two titles from the shelf and booktalk them for Catherine. Sweet!

The girls didn’t like my choices for books they could both read, but they did enjoy The Headless Horseman (Step-Into-Reading, Step 3) on the way home. Here are some of the other treasures of the week.

Summer of the Sea Serpent (Magic Tree House, No. 31) ~ Catherine’s BFF recommended this to her. It is her favorite of the two she selected.

Monday with a Mad Genius (Magic Tree House, No. 38) ~ Another recommendation from Catherine’s BFF. She described it as “funny.”

Bridget Fidget and The Most Perfect Pet ~ I found this on the New Arrivals shelf. The cover is adorable and it has “perfect pet” in the title. I’m betting on this one to be a hit.

Voyage to the Pharos ~ This is a picture book with meat. I love the image on the front and that history is woven into the story.

The Jellybeans and the Big Book Bonanza ~ Another book on the New Arrival shelf. Since I am building a master list of books about books/reading, I thought I’d check this out (no pun intended).

Wingwalker ~ This is one of several post-ALA selections. Sitting directly behind Brian Selznick at the Scholastic breakfast, I realized that I had not read enough of the books (award-winning and otherwise) he’s got a hand in. I was looking for The Dinosaurs of Waterhouse Hawkins (which my roommate won), but no luck this week.

Big Old Bones: A Dinosaur Tale ~ I happened upon this runner-up book for Dinosaur Hawkins in the picture book bin while looking for something else.

Me Oh Maya! ~ Jon Scieszka was E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E at ALA. I love his books and while searching for some books with two copies, I came upon this Time Warp Trio title. The girls weren’t interested, but I am!

I am really excited about this week’s finds. There isn’t any true nonfiction in the batch, but there are several titles that have factual details woven into them. What should I look for when we go to the library next week? I’d love to hear your suggestions.