Make a Splash @ Your Library – Week 4

Given the heat yesterday – and the need to have a quiet afternoon before our swim meet – we made our trek to the library late morning. I’m not sure what the librarians were thinking, though, when they selected these rubber “poppers” as the prize this week. You take the sphere, turn it inside out and then wait for it to explode from whatever surface you set it on. Those things were going everywhere, with lots of squeals by the kids who set them off and the ones who unexpectedly had one land on them.

Luckily the girls moved on quickly and headed to the card catalog to search for “scary” books that were suitable for them to read. They were very happy to have find two copies of In a Creepy, Creepy Place: and Other Scary Stories (Trophy Chapter Book) by Judith Gorog. Both have been checked out! Here are the other books in the stash this week.

The Cat Barked? by Lydia Monk ~ Catherine’s BFF had checked this out last week and they had fun reading it on the way to the library.

Cinderella by Ruth Sanderson ~ The moment the girls saw this on the end cap it was “ours” for the week. I’d swear they have some type of princess laser vision.  I went by that encap a bunch of times and never noticed it.

Dinosaurs Of Waterhouse Hawkins by Barbara Kerley ~ This Brian Selznick’s Caldecott Honor book. I had put a hold on it for this week.

Human Body (Insiders) by Linda Calebresi ~ Catherine found this one. She is fascinated by anatomy and how all our parts fit together.

Moose’s Big Idea (Moose and Hildy) by Stephanie Green ~ I came across this series while searching the stacks for Scary Fright, Are You All Right? by Scott Gibala-Broxholm. The cover looked cute and I thought the illustrations would attract the girls. So far, no takers but me.

Uh-oh, Cleo (Uh-Oh Cleo) by Jessica Harper ~ This is another of my finds. I thought it would be perfect for Catherine’s BFF, one of six kids in her family. She checked it out and looked it over in the car, but then left it behind. Guess it’s mine, now.

So what should I look for next Wednesday?

4 responses to “Make a Splash @ Your Library – Week 4

  1. I dunno about your librarians, but I didn't buy those pop things on purpose – they came in my giant cheap prize pack. Although I will confess to having purposely purchased a huge bagful of "bug clickers" last year. I still think they're hilarious! *snicker*

    1. If I were in the library they would drive me crazy, but I loved those things as a kid! I'm betting it came in our "giant cheap prize pack" too. We've done tattoos and little bugs you clip to your clothes so far. It's always fun to see what's in store!

    1. It has been a wonderful experience, and one I highly recommend. This is the third summer that Catherine has done the summer reading club, and being able to share it with a friend has actually added incentive to her reading. It is so interesting to me how "different" peer reading is when it's summer v. when they're in school.

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