Making the Good Search Easy

If you’ve ever gotten an email from me, you’ve probably seen a “we use Goodsearch” in my signature block. Goodsearch is a tool that helps you find stuff and lets non-profits earn some much-needed funds.


At its core, Goodsearch gives us the opportunity to do some “passive  fundraising.” That is, we can maintain a revenue stream that doesn’t require us to send letters or otherwise badger potential donors. How?

Well, every time you use GoodSearch as your search engine, we get a few sheckles. Shop through GoodShop, the GoodSearch shopping mall, and we can earn up to 20% of the sale.  The team that created GoodSearch had one goal in mind: turn Internet advertising money into something good for our communities. So, 50 of its revenue goes to designated charities. And the Reading Tub is one of those.

Last week, GoodSearch launched its new toolbar. Frankly, it is MUCH easier to use than the tiny little box in the upper right-hand corner of my browser! It also lets me know how much a merchant is donating and if that merchant has coupons.  Here’s what it looks like.


Use this link to add the toolbar — preloaded to donate to the Reading Tub — to your browser. As Michael Jordan recently said during his Hall of Fame Induction speech … he told the coach there is no “I” in team, but there is an “I” in win. We want communities to win, so If you’ve got another cause your passionate about, then by all means change your “I support” to something near and dear to your heart.

We have also added a nifty new search box to the website, too.

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