May Day, Indeed

Maybe the where-am-i-why-am-i-late-again-just-plain-overwhelmed feeling that has been *me* this week was really an undercurrent building to this. ‘Cuz there were more than a few times when I would have shouted “May Day” (had I even noticed that today was coming!)

So now it’s here, the storm is mostly passed, and there is news to share.

First things first.  Maya Ganesan is hosting this week’s Poetry Friday Catch roundup Ganesan at Allegro.

If you haven’t stopped by already, do find your way over to Booklights, the new PBS blog featuring three of my BFFs (best blog friends – at least until I meet them in person in October) : Jen Robinson (Jen Robinson’s Book Page), Susan Kusel (Wizards Wireless), and Pam Coughlin (MotherReader).

Speaking of MotherReader, have you seen her plans?! Her newest post opens with a poem … but scroll down to the kidlit stuff goin’ on next week.

This week at the Share a Story-Shape a Future blog, we’ve been publishing the various lists of books mentioned in individual posts and comments. We also created a magazine style document that you can download and print, in whole or in part to suit your interests and needs.  I got my notice from Chase’s Calendar of Events 2010, so it’s written in stone – there will be a 2010 event.

To show our thanks for teachers during Teacher Appreciation Week, Share a Story is hosting a giveaway for teachers at Title I schools. Sabi, Inc. has generously donated 10 copies of its award winning ItzaBitza game, which is designed “to enhance a child’s computer time through, play, creative thinking, and problem solving.”

Last but not least, I am going to  Book Expo America! Yeah! I had really given up the idea for this year, but we finagled a way and it’s going to happen!

5 responses to “May Day, Indeed

  1. Thanks for the Booklights plug, Terry!

    But when you said “(best blog friends – at least until I meet them in person in October)”, I have to admit that I thought “Oh, how sad that once Terry actually meets us in person, we won’t be friends anymore.” (Kidding!!)

    Seriously, though, I look forward to checking out all of the new stuff at Share a Story. You have been tireless! It’s such a great resource.

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  3. Pingback: Terry Doherty
  4. Jen – You know, right after I hit the send button I realized I’d left out a few words. That’s the way it always happens, I’m afraid! Having followed the Kidlitosphere conference from afar for two years, I am so excited to have the opportunity to put “voices” with names and faces/photos. What really stuck with me was how Jackie, Lee’s and Pam’s connection spilled over with such renewed enthusiasm and energy!

    Susan – I SO wish you could finagle a way here … Can’t the Embassy sponsor an “arts” tour? (LOL)

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