Moms Choice Awards Announced

The Moms Choice Awards® , sponsored by the Just for Mom Foundation, is a multi-faceted awards program that “honors excellence in family-friendly media, products, and services.” One of the categories — children’s books — is near and dear to my heart. Yesterday, The Moms Choice Awards® announced its 2008 honorees.

I’ve been honored to be a judge for the past three years. One of the things I love about this program is the metrics used to evaluate products. MCA has all of the logical elements covered and looks at every product from several angles: parent, educator, general consumer. I am NOT a judge for children’s books, so it was fun for me to read the list of award winners.

What REALLY caught my eye was how many of the winning titles we have in the Tub. Check out the Moms Choice Awards® complete list to see them all. Here are the ones in the Reading Tub®. We have profiles for most of them. The others are currently placed with reviewers.

One of the Best Three Picture Books of 2008
2008 Gold Recipient: Peoples’ Choice & 2008 Gold Recipient: Developing Social Skills
Priscilla McDoodleNutDoodleMcMae Asks “Why?”
by Janet Mary Sinke
Illustrated by Craig Pennington
My Grandma And Me Publishers

Children’s Picture Books
2008 Gold Recipient: Adventure
Adventures Of Riley: Operation Orangutan
by Amanda Lumry and Laura Hurwitz
Eaglemont Press

2008 Gold Recipient: Green Earth
Adventures of Riley: South Pole Penguins
by Amanda Lumry and Laura Hurwitz
Eaglemont Press

2008 Silver Recipient: Animal Kingdom
Adventures Of Riley: The Polar Bear Puzzle
by Amanda Lumry and Laura Hurwitz
Eaglemont Press

2008 Gold Recipient: Illustrated Series
Dr. Hippo Series by Charlotte Cowan, MD
Illustrated by Katy Bratun, Susan Banta and Elaine Garvin
The Hippocratic Press
Books in this series:
Katie Caught A Cold,
Sadie’s Sore Throat,
Peeper Has A Fever
The Little Elephant With The Big Earache

2008 Gold Recipient: Health & Safety
Katie Caught a Cold (Dr. Hippo Series)
by Charlotte Cowan, MD
Illustrated by Katy Bratun
The Hippocratic Press

2008 Gold Recipient: Family Life
Logan’s Journey
by Kathy Heath and Karla Martin
bPlus Books

2008 Gold Recipient: Growing Up
The Playdate Kids: Island Potty Party
by Tim Friedlander
Illustrated by W. M. Edwards
Playdate Kids

2008 Silver Recipient: Illustrated Series
As Simple As That® Series
by Deb Capone
Illustrated by Stan Jaskiel and John McCoy
As Simple As That® Publishing
Books in this series:
Families Are Forever,
Tooth Fairy Tales
, and
Dumplings Are Delicious

2008 Silver Recipient: Illustrated Series
Bur Bur and Friends Series by JoAnne Pastel and Kakie Fitzsimmons
Illustrated by Lindsey VanDeWeghe
Farmer’s Hat Productions™
Books in this series:
Bur Bur’s Boating ABC’s,
Bur Bur’s Fishing Adventure,
Bur Bur Throws Out The First Pitch,
Anna Goes Hiking

2008 Silver Recipient: Illustrated Series
The Adventures of Pelican Pete Series
by Hugh and Frances Keiser
Sagaponack Books
Books in this series:
A Bird Is Born,
Preening For Flight,
First Discoveries,
Annie The River Otter.

2008 Silver Recipient: Seasonal, Holidays & Festival
Pardon Me, It’s Ham, Not Turkey
by Lisa Suhay
Illustrated by Pamela Barcita
Bumble Bee Publishing

2008 Silver Recipient: Crossing Generations
The Curious Polka-Dot Present
by Cheri L. Hallwood
Illustrated by Patricia M. Rose
Forever Young Publishers

2008 Silver Recipient: Adventure
The Leaping Grasshopper
by Jeanne Archambault
Illustrated by Dwight Smith
Jitterbug Books

2008 Silver Recipient: Adventure
by Stacy A. Nyikos
Illustrated by Kary Lee
Stonehorse Publishing

Juvenile Level 2 Books (ages 9 to 12)

2008 Silver Recipient: Self-Improvement
Journal Buddies; A Girl’s Journal For Sharing And Celebrating Magnificence by Jill Schoenberg

Blue Sky At Night Publishing

2008 Gold Recipient: Fiction

Lady’s Big Surprise by JoAnn S. Dawson
Sourcebooks Jabberwocky

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  1. I’m the author of the Gold – Momm’s Choice Award – YA Fiction/Fantasy. Maxwell Elementary in Anaheim, CA is using my book in their reading program. I’m sponsoring a FREE event in September – a chance to meet the actress in my book trailer and watch as a make up artist transforms her into an elf. See my website for details.
    Thank you for announcing the Mom’s Choice Awards.
    Thora Gabriel

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