Monday (almost Tuesday Blurb): The Last Bit o’ Summer

The ‘Hoos came back to Hooville this weekend and school starts for the rest of us on Wednesday.  A mere 36 hours (but who’s counting?!) I remain woefully behind but I know that Catherine’s interest in of “hanging out with mom” are numbered, and I don’t want to lose them.

It wouldn’t be a blurb without some real news, so here goes …

As you have probably noticed by now, there is no mid-month roundup of literacy news. I’ll be back in the swing come mid-September. Thankfully, Carol Rasco will round out the month and ring in the new school year at the end of the month at Rasco from RIF.

easy reader book carnivalJulie Rebboah is hosting the I Can Read Carnival at Lightning Bug Press. To take full advantage of the lazy days of summer, Julie is keeping the Carnival open until the end of the month! Thank you Julie!! Here’s the link to the carnival:“I_Can_Read”_Carnival.html

Today at Booklights I have a post about selecting books when you’re trying to read with kids of different agesEven better, Susan Kusel has a review of How Rocket Learned to Read … the perfect selection when you’ve got to get into a back-to-school state of mind.

Last but not least, throughout the YA and Kidlit Blogdom plans are being made to attend KidlitCon 2010 in Minneapolis, MN. This is the fourth annual conference, and oh, how I wish I was attending! Last year was my first and it was an I-N-C-R-E-D-I-B-L-E experience. If it weren’t for a family obligation in that weekend, I would be there!

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