Monday Blurb: A Couple of KidLit WOWs!

Happy Monday y’all … As I mentioned in yesterday’s roundup, there is no shortage of really cool stuff going on in the Kidlitosphere. Here are a couple of things that will get you pumped on a Monday morning!!

easy reader memeSarah Neal has a fantabulous I Can Read carnival going on over at In Need of Chocolate. It’s not been opened 24 hours and she already has a dozen contributions!! If you’ve reviewed or talked about easy readers or short chapter books any time in the last year, go on over and share! I am having a hard time picking a favorite from Sarah’s collection. Sarah herself has a great list of short chapter book series, and I loved Zoe’s post about using picture dictionaries for early readers at Playing by the Book, and the interview, and …

The other REALLY cool thing I discovered (via the Big Fresh, the Choice Literacy Newsletter) is the Book Flights and Book Pairings over at Lit for Kids.  With Book Flights, the idea is that people (family, class, book club) read books on the same subject, but they read different books, based on their reading ability.  From Lit for Kids: “It gives parents and children or teachers and students a shared learning experience, but lets everyone bring something different to a discussion of ‘what I’m reading’.”

I had not thought about the “book flight” idea before I wrote my post about Taking Books on Vacation for Booklights today. My emphasis was on audiobooks, periodicals, and music, but I love the visual of everyone sitting around reading something similar but different!