More Book Ideas – Yeah!

On Thursday, MotherReader and Lee Wind launched a Community Comment challenge. The idea was sparked at the KidLit Bloggers Conference in Portland (Oregon), and in under two months, it has come to life. They can say it best, so I’ll just recommend you read MotherReader’s post, The Comment Challenge: 21 Days to Community.

So far I’m holding my own with a 5-comments-a-day challenge. I’ve set a personal challenge to comment on at least three new blogs each day. Some are blogs I read regularly, but have never commented on, some are completely new. Some days (like yesterday) it tipped me over five blogs. That’s a good thing. Here’s what I’ve learned in the first two days …

1. There are so many incredible, thoughtful writers out there. I know that sounds like a truism, but when you leave the comfort of your Reader and click through to the blog itself, you learn so much more about the writer. Colors, tag lines, avatars … all the “nonverbal” communication.

2. My TBR pile is going to grow exponentially. Now that I’m slowing down my reading habit and taking time to read, not just skim, I’m learning about so many more great books. Which leads back to #1. Wow!

3. Ditto the entries of new blogs and reading ideas for the Reading Round-ups.

4. I need a gadget. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a widget that let you hover over a title and add it to your Goodreads or Library Thing TBR with just a mouse click? It would be like that “Create Tiny URL” command I use when I want to Twitter.

Last but not least, I never realized how much I needed this. Slowing down to read more and comment regularly may mean fewer posts from me, but as many a teacher has said: you can’t talk and learn at the same time. And I’m here to learn. Thanks MotherReader and Lee!

7 responses to “More Book Ideas – Yeah!

  1. It’s amazing how much you miss when you read only in an aggregator. I love looking at sites and how they are designed. You don’t get any of that in a reader. I have a LibraryThing widget so folks who come to my blog can actually see the titles I own. These are all books I use when I teach, so I know the list would be of benefit, but I doubt many readers even see it.

  2. I know that Amazon now has a toolbar thingie so no matter what page you are on, you can add that product to your wish list, even if it’s not in their database. I have yet to check it out with blogs, though.

  3. I’m finding that slowing down, too, Terry. I’ve been 2 days behind on my blog reading for days now because of it (and my trip). But it is a nice thing. I’m also flagging more things for my regular kidlitosphere round-ups and my “reviews that made me want the book” feature.

  4. Hey, so glad you’re seeing benefits from this comment challenge already (and we’re only on day 5!) Keep the comments rolling!

  5. It’s so old school, but I often read blogs by actually going to the blog. I know, crazy talk! But I do find that when I do that, I do slow down and I read better, if not necessarily more.

    Thanks for the promotion of the Comment Challenge and your own thoughts on the experience so far.

  6. I frequently tell my kids they can’t talk and learn at the same time. It was good to see it applies to me as well as I try to explore new kidlit blogs and comment on them.

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