Motivating Children with Books: Lullalee Productions

Lullalee ProductionsSeveral years ago, I met Lee Ann Butler-Owens, the founder and Executive Director of  Lullalee Productions.  Her organization sponsors and promotes “free, innovative reading programs to economically disadvantaged children.” Lullalee’s projects include using art and music to foster literacy and reading.

For a myriad of reasons – all related to the consuming nature of work running nonprofits  and community programs – we lost touch. Recently, though, we were able to reconnect and hope to find ways to work together more consistently.

In her most recent LullaWorld News (her newsletter), Lee Ann has a nice profile about the Reading Tub.  The article (on page 6) talks about what we do, the new reading and literacy Wiki, and Share a Story-Shape a Future. This is not all about me, though … There is also a profile for Full Potential Community and Mrs. P Storytime.

Lee Ann would like to feature more organizations and ideas about reading with kids, too. She has started a campaign and is inviting all of us to submit stories about helping kids read. You can submit your reading story using an online form and link.

Speaking of writing … the National Day on Writing is TOMORROW! If you have not yet submitted a sample for Franki Sibberson’s and Mary Lee Hahn’s Gallery of Writing: A Lifetime of Reading.  Procrastinate no more!

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