#NoSummerSlide Week 2 – Father’s Day Ideas

June is here! Many schools have just finished their year, and over the next few weeks, summer will break out all over!

Welcome to Week 2 of our #NoSummerSlide series. Every Sunday, from now to 1 September (Labor Day Weekend) we will post a set of fun, family-friendly ideas that sneak in literacy in ways the kids won’t notice!

Elementary Readers

Idea:  Father’s Day Gifts

  • Have the kids make dad or granddad a Father’s Day card; and/or
  • Ask the kids to put together a list of things they want to put in a gift basket for Dad.

Literacy Concepts:

  • Drawing – creativity, fine motor skills (writing), communication, critical thinking (what does dad like?).
  • List making – fine motor skills (writing), critical thinking, reading (using the list).

Independent Readers

Idea: Name 5 things you love about your Dad

  • Write or draw them, make picture collages, create a slideshow or video … The sky is the limit.

Literacy Concepts:

  • List making – critical thinking, organization of ideas, and communication
  • Writing and drawing – communication.

Got an idea?

Add it in the comments or send me an email. I just might put it in a future post – with full credit to you.