#NoSummerSlide Week 1 – Let’s Go Bananas!

banana splitDid you know that June 7th is National Chocolate Ice Cream Day? And that Wilmington, OH has a Banana Split Festival? [It’s where the banana split was born, in case you were wondering!]

So it seems only fitting that we go a little bananas for our first #NoSummerSlide post!

Elementary Readers

Idea: Fantasy Banana Splits!

  • Draw your perfect banana split – sidewalk chalk, paint, paper; and/or
  • Make a list (real or imagined) of all of the toppings for your banana split.

Literacy Concepts:

  • Drawing – creativity, fine motor skills (coloring), communication, critical thinking (what do I want on my split?), conceptualization (how do I draw “x”?)
  • List making – fine motor skills (writing), critical thinking, reading.

Independent Readers

Idea: Real Banana Splits!

  • Find 3 recipes for banana splits. 
  • Describe them to the family, who will vote on their favorite.
    Bonus: Add pros/cons for each one.
  • Plan a day to make them.

Literacy Concepts:

  • Finding & making recipes – reading.
  • Determining recipe suitability – critical thinking and analysis [e.g., figuring out if certain ingredients can/can’t be used in your family]
  • List making (for ingredient shopping) – critical thinking, organization of ideas, analysis (determining quantities and measurement)
  • Explaining recipes – communication, answering questions, advocacy.
  • Shopping – organization skills, reading.


Got a picture of your Banana Split?

Post it online and tag us @TheReadingTub on Twitter and Instagram!