#NoSummerSlide Week 3 – Goal Getters Edition

Now that the Banana Split Festival is behind us, and Father’s Day has been celebrated, it’s time to plan what’s next for the summer.

make moviesThis week’s edition encourages kids to think about some of the things they want to do over the summer.

Let them put it together, then take the opportunity to ask questions.

  • How are you going to do that
  • Where will you get the money for that?
  • Do you know when you would like to do that?

Don’t hesitate to help them and make a few goal-worthy suggestions of your own: take a family hike, make S’mores on the grill, read 3 books before August 1. You get the idea …

Elementary Readers

Idea: Name the Top 3 things you want to do this summer. [They can be personal accomplishments or asking for input on family activities.]

  • Write or draw them, create a collage with pictures from magazines or clipart.

Literacy Concepts:

  • List making – writing, critical thinking, analysis (deciding what the top 3 things are).

Independent Readers

Idea: List 5 things you want to do/accomplish this summer and how you’re going to reach that goal … without using paper.

  • Draw them, make a music video or short film … The sky is the limit.

Literacy Concepts:

  • Communicating ideas – organizing ideas, advocacy, critical thinking and analysis (why these 5 above 4 others?)
  • Creating a list – creativity, imagination, conceptualization

Got an idea?

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