Pages and Pages and Pages to Go

Regular readers of Scrub-a-Dub-Tub and The Wash Rag know that we had a simple goal for the summer: read lots of books. When the summer started, we had just under 200 books waiting for review. We wanted to whittle that away to 100 books by summer’s end. That was June.

In one month’s time — and despite posting 14 profiles in June and 34 reviews in July — we have started August with 234 books on our shelves. Essentially, for every book we read, two new books are arriving on our shelves.

All in all, that is pretty exciting. It means that there should be a book for every child’s interest and abilities. Still, that is a daunting task for us and the Be the Star You Are! Teen STAR Book Review Team. We currently have about 60 books in review with families and the Teen reviewers.

Generally we work to match a book with a child’s interests, so ours is not a first-in-first-out policy. Some books are quickly placed, others take a little longer. With school bells soon getting ready to ring, we know our pace will slow down a bit for all titles. If you’ve sent us a seasonal title, please know that your book is on our short list and either is being reviewed or is heading out the door next.

So as we settle into the dog days of summer, we’ll grab some books, a glass of lemonade, and “chill” with some fresh new stories! And see if we can’t get back to where we started … just under 200 books.

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