Poetry (for Kids) – Cybils 2012

Yeterday we kicked off our countdown to nomination series for Cybils 2012. From now through September 30, 2012 we will publish a post about one of the nine eight remaining Cybils categories. We’ll be posting them in groups of three with a “catch-up” day in between

We are working our way backwards through the alphabet, so today’s featured Category is Poetry.

Category: Poetry
Category Chair: Jone MacCulloch
Jone blogs at Check It Out (library) and Deowriter (poetry)
find her on Twitter @JoneMac53

I am a library media specialist at Silver Star Elementary in Vancouver, WA.  In 2008, I became a National Board Certified Teacher. My love of books began early. I numbered my childhood books, an indication of my secret desire to work in a library.

I usually am off with my camera or in the garden when I am not reading or writing.  I live with my husband and two dachshunds.

Round 1 Panelists

Carol Wilcox, teacher an parent
Carol W’s Corner  and @carwilc
Urban educator, sports mom (a.k.a chauffeur and uniform washer/finder), dog mom, daughter of the Most High King

Jone Rush MacCulloch, author, teacher, and librarian
Check It Out and @JoneMac53
I am a library media specialist at Silver Star Elementary in Vancouver, WA.  In 2008, I became a National Board Certified Teacher. My love of books began early. I numbered my childhood books, an indication of my secret desire to work in a library.

Anastasia Suen, teacher, parent, and author
Booktalking and @asuen1
The author of 152 books, I studied library science in junior high and worked in the public library in high school. I started teaching elementary school in 1977. I taught kindergarten ESL, first, fifth and sixth grades. After my children’s books were published I went back to the classroom as a visiting author. I teach creativity and writing workshops online. I have worked with students of all ages in workshops all over the globe. I teach the six traits of writing because this is how I write.

Tricia Stohr-Hunt, teacher and parent
The Miss Rumphius Effect and @missrumphius
In my lifetime I have worked as a boat hand on a private yacht, assembled physics equipment in a factory, taught (and survived!) middle school, and even tested dog biscuits for fat content. In my current position I serve on the faculty at the University of Richmond where I have the distinct honor and pleasure of preparing future teachers. This blog is a place where I write about poetry for kids, children’s literature, and issues related to teaching children and their future teachers.

Irene Latham, author and parent
Live Your Poem  and @irene_latham
Welcome! I am a poet and novelist who lives in Birmingham Alalabama. Everyone has a story to tell … And you never know where those stories will take you. I’ve been all around the world, back to places I never could have anticipated — like 1932 Gee’s Bend, Alabama. And I’ve explored contemporary and future times, too. I love to discover the stories that imprint on my soul, whether they arrive in poetry or prose. My latest adventure took me behind-the-scenes at the zoo… and into the heart of a boy who’s trying to figure out where he belongs in the world.

Misti Tidman, librarian
Kid Lit Geek
I’m a children’s librarian, book reviewer, and voracious reader.

Mary Lee Hahn, teacher and parent
A Year of Reading and@maryleehahn
5th grade language arts teacher, reader, blogger, poet-in-training.

 Round 2 Judges

Sylvia Vardell, author and teacher
Poetry for Children and @svardell
Sylvia Vardell is a professor and author of the ALA bestseller Poetry Aloud Here, also Poetry People, Children’s Literature in Action and the nationally recognized blog, Poetry For Children, as well as co-editor of the first digital anthologies of poetry for young people, the PoetryTagTime series. She is also the “Everyday Poetry” columnist for ALA’s Book Links. A frequent speaker at conferences, Vardell chaired the NCTE Poetry Award committee and serves as a consultant to the Poetry Foundation.

Ed DeCaria, author
Think Kid, Think and @edecaria
My name is Ed DeCaria. I look pretty much like this, depending on when I last got a haircut. I write poetry for kids (in perfect meter and rhyme, almost every time). I still look up words in the dictionary. I write about baseball here and there. I’ll be about 5 minutes late.

Renee La Tulippe, author
No Water River  and @ReneeMLaTulippe
I’m Renee La Tulipp, children’s writer and grown ups’ editor. No Water River is a resource for kids, parents, teachers, and writers interested in children’s poetry and the wonderful world of picture books.

Diane Mayr, librarian, author
Kurious Kitty and @terseverser
Adult Services Librarian/Assistant Director at the Nesmith Library in Windham, NH. Also masquerades as the children’s writer, Diane Mayr.

Linda Baie, teacher
Teacher Dance and @LBaie
I am a teacher in an independent school for gifted learners, just moved out of a middle school age classroom, now the literacy coach in different areas of the school- including classrooms. I have two married children, and three grandchildren. What I believe about education: that all of us are in the business of learning and each of us deserves to learn something every day.

Poetry is wonderful art form and children’s poetry – starting with those rhymes we loved as kids – offer a window to hook ids on reading. Although we think of poetry for kids as rhymes, it is so much more than that. The bloggers on this panel regularly contribute to Poetry Friday – including their original poems – so do stop by and enjoy!