Poetry Friday: An Easter Egg Hunt Rhyme

Happy Poetry Friday!

Happy Easter, Happy Spring!


One of the B-I-G items on my to-do list this week was to put together the clues for Catherine’s Easter Egg Hunt. For the last few years I have combined a traditional find-the-egg with a more challenging treasure hung. Essentially, we leave clues in eggs that send her all over the house and garden until, finally, she finds her basket of goodies.

It started as an idea to encourage her to read nontraditional text … I had no idea what a huge hit it was going to be. She declared last year “the best Easter ever.” So today I’m sharing a few of the 2011 clues (and walk down memory lane) as a poem.


As a tot you liked me in purple,
clop, clop clopping around.
now you like high ones
big and clunky and brown.

Have you figured it out? Need help with this clue?
I’ll give you a hint: I am not one, but two!

From fancy to sporty they’re all in a ball
how you find what to wear
is the biggest question of all …
You’ll find your next clue in a spot you know well
Will it be dirty or clean? I’ll never tell!

I’ve heard you like reading … what’s your new favorite book?
Felicity is fun … and so is Harry Potter.
What do you think of that Snape … I think he’s a rotter.

If you need to find a new read where do look?
Just stop by that place and maybe you’ll find
a clue – a big pink one – that I’ve left behind

Oh those chores, they do stink
but not as much as the trash
Hmmm …. I’m off to watch a  favorite vid
The Monster Mash!

Yes, that video gets me all in a dither
(almost as much as Rihanna on a zither!)
Is Kurt now your favorite or is it still The Boss?
What’s next for their duel a song with dental floss?

“Radio Nowhere” … now that’s a beat with some power.
Our favorites tunes can be heard from the shower!

So run along now, don’t let that next clue get wet
Soggy would dampen your best Easter yet!


Happy Easter … Happy Spring

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Image Credits:

Easter Eggs by Shokunin on OpenClipArt.org

Easter Egg Hen by Hextrust on OpenClipArt.org



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