Publisher Overload

I have put it off all week, now it must be done: loading this week’s collection of books into the database. Last fall we were swimming in books, so I very reluctantly decided that we couldn’t take on new clients. I would still take books from existing authors and publishers, just not any new sources.

At that time, we hadn’t received a new book from a mega-publisher (who shall remain unnamed). Since January, though, we have been FLOODED with titles. If this week is any indication, we’re getting three new titles for every book we finish and post … and that’s one publisher.

This is probably a “good” problem to have because eventually, we’ll have a lot of books to donate to help at-risk readers get excited about reading. We are a little different than your standard reviewer, and before I place the books to engage the target audience in the process, we require an adult (parent, teacher, librarian) to read them. Finding that many “bodies” isn’t easy, though!

So far, the books from the behemoth have been pretty good. I will say, though, that I’m shocked at how many of the YA books are coming out hardcover, particularly given the states of reading for the target audience. Spending $16.99 for a book isn’t going to build your teen audience …