December is Read a New Book Month

gma-and-me-300x2754It’s true! There’s even a Facebook page.

Odds are if you’re reading this post, you already have at least one book on your nightstand and the kids have a few scattered about, too.

The idea for Read a New Book Month is not just to encourage readers to keep reading during this busy time of year, but also to stretch yourself as a reader.

read a new book monthMaybe it means reading a genre or author you or your kids have never read before; maybe it is an excuse to visit one of your “lesser favorite” genres; or maybe it is a reason to try a book in a different format. It might even be to go back to a book you started a long time ago but never finished (like one of those classics from English Lit class).

Whatever the reason, it is a perfect time to start anew … and model being a reader for your kids. If you’re buying books as gifts, you might just be reading something that says “This may not be my fave, but Joe would really dig this book.”

Where to Start for Read a New Book Month

Don’t wait for those “best of” lists to come out. Kick of Read a New Book Month by browsing the 2013 Cybils Nominations lists. Here is each list, by category.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter, too @thereadingtub! For Read a New Book month I am going to post reviews of what I call my “stretch library.” These are the books that I wouldn’t have normally picked up that I fell in love with! We’re planning a feast, so there will be some holiday favorites, too.

Happy reading!

Here are a few other spots where you might get some reading inspiration for Read a New Book month!