Reader-to-Reader Gift Guide: #MiddleGrade Adventure, Fantasy & Mystery

Now that we’ve shared the recommendations for the Young Adult audience, it’s time to share some of the Middle Grade favorites. Our volunteers read LOTS of books, but only those titles they would buy for themselves (i.e., spend their own money on) made this list.

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Audiobooks are a GREAT option for readers in this age group.
They still love to hear stories aloud,and they will be hooked with these
tales of adventure, magic, mystery, and more.

This book is one of my favorites and I admit that I have read it at least five times now. The Land of Stories is so well written, with such lovable characters, that it’s hard not to grow attached to them.  It is honestly the best book I ever stumbled upon. It mixes adventure and fantasy with a light-hearted and genuine theme to create a compelling story. 

Adventure | Fairy Tale (retelling) | Fantasy |  Magic | Series
Social Issues



Also available as a Boxed Set (link to Bookshop).

This is a book I couldn’t put down. The story is captivating, the writing is descriptive,and gets very emotional and even vulnerable at times. There is nothing I dislike about The Running Dream.  I really enjoyed reading this novel and strongly believe that other readers will love this book as well!

Adventure | Fantasy | Friendship | Mystery | Series



Six-book series: See them all here (link to

I like this book because it introduces me to Indian culture and Bengali mythological stories incorporated into this fantasy. It has a complex plot that ties into a great conclusion. The story is unique and fun, and the mood set by the plot and the themes are different than most middle grade and young adult novels.

Adventure | Fables & Folklore | Fantasy | Mythology | Representation & Inclusion | Series



Four-book series. See all four titles in the Kiranmala and the Kingdom Beyond series here (link to

This book is a hidden gem with trains, time travel, history, and interesting characters all tied into one great story. I felt the story was very delightful and entertaining. A great buy for ages 9-12

Adventure | Historical Fantasy | Science Fiction | Time Travel


A mysterious death, a magician’s journal, puzzles to be solved, and a missing student. Sounds like  the perfect afternoon adventure, no? As a fan of mystery and adventure, I really enjoyed The Name of This Book is Secret. The many puzzles and mysteries keep the reader on edge from start to finish. 

Adventure | Fantasy | Humor | Mystery | Series


See all of the titles in The Secret Series (6 books) here. (link to

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