Reading Ahead – Books for Ages 0 to 4 (July/August 2008)

These books look so sweet. I don’t have a little girl I can read them too, anymore … I have a big girl who can read them “all by myself, Mommy.” (sigh) These are in the rotation to go out to family reviewers in the next month, so stay tuned!

Baby Gym Series: Calm and Soothe, Touch and Tickle, Bounce and Jiggle, Wiggle and Move This collection of board books is for infants and toddlers. These are all classic nursery rhymes and songs. What intrigues me is the parent guide for encouraging you to play your way through reading. It’s something we have talked about in Reading Round-Ups (Child’s Play, 2008)

Animal Exercises: Poems to Keep Fit by Mandy Ross, illustrated by Sanja Rescek Each of these poems is a different animal, and kids are invited to act like the animals do. (Child’s Play, 2007)