Reading Ahead – Books for Ages 5 to 8 (Jan/Fev 2008)

Because the shelves were bulging, we decided to temporarily stop accepting titles from new authors and publishers. We didn’t change our status with existing customers, so we still got some new books. Here are some that caught our eye.

Peeper has a Fever by Charlotte Cowan, MD. Last fall we read The Little Elephant with the Big Earache, and LOVED it! Ditto the recently received Katie Caught a Cold. Peeper (frog) and Sadie (giraffe) are as cute as Katie (a bear) and Eddie (elephant). We always learn something about helping our kids through common ailments that we didn’t know before.

Alphabet of Dinosaurs by Barbie Heit Schwaeber This is a book published by the Smithsonian Institution. The illustrations look fabulous AND it comes with a read-along and musical CD.

If a Dolphin were a Fish by Loren Wlodarski As much as we love fiction, we have a place in our heart for non-fiction picture books, too. This looks like one that everyone can enjoy and learn something.