Reading Ahead – Books for ages 5 to 8 (July/August 2008)

Children this age — whether you are reading to them or they are beginning to read on their own — soak up so much. They’re still sorting feelings, polishing social behavior, pushing their imaginations in every inconceivable direction, and soaking up new things. It is wonderful to find such a diversity of books for this audience. It can’t help but plant the seeds of lifelong reading!

Max and the Doglins written and illustrated by Amanda Montgomery-Higham This looks like an interesting story with several layers. The idea that the “bullies” are actually a positive catalyst intrigues me. (Child’s Play, 2008)

Amadi’s Snowman by Katia Novet Saint-Lot, illustrated by Dimitrea Tokunbo This is a story about a boy who doesn’t think he needs to know how to read. The illustrations are just beautiful and make you want to stop what you’re doing (so far I’ve resisted). (Tilbury House, Publishers, 2008)

Night of the Moon: A Muslim Holiday Story by Hena Khan and Julie Paschkis The bright colors alone will draw you to this book. From the blurb: the main character is Yasmeen, a 7-year-old Pakistani American. I’m always excited about kid-to-kid books that expand a child’s cultural awareness.

Keisha’s Doors / Las Puertas de Keisha and Tacos Anyone / Alguien quiere tacos? by Marvie Ellis, illustrated by Jenny Loehr These are the first two titles in a picture book series about children with autism. I am encouraged to see picture books to help children understand autism in their peers. It is so important that kids understand and not mock peers who struggle with challenges they cannot control. (Am there, live that!)