Reading Ahead – Books for ages 5 to 8 (May/June 2008)

These are the recent arrivals that caught our eye and are waiting to be placed with families. Some of these are books we picked up at Book Expo America in May 2008. We have modified our format to include book cover images. Click on the cover to go to Amazon, click on the title to go to our page and get more details.

If This Old Tree Could Talk by Jancy Morgan, illustrated by Tom Dunn The colors are cool and inviting, and the illustrations remind you of those 3D books and I Spy — you could explore them for hours without saying a word! (Mirror Publishing, 2008)

My Name is Not Isabella by Jennifer Fosberry, illustrated by Mike Litwin It looks like mom is going to have a tough morning, because Isabella keeps changing her name: from Rosa (Parks) to Sally (Ride) to Annie (Oakley). (Monkey Barrel Press, 2008)

Nana Star and Nana Star and the Moonman by Elizabeth Sills and Elena Patrice, illustrated by Linda Saker. I learned about Nana Star at Book Expo America. I love the idea that this is a multi-generational family project. The illustrations are simple, there is a lot of “white space” on the page, making it attractive to emerging and reluctant elementary readers. (ee Publishing and Productions, 2007 and 2008)

Saturn for my Birthday by John McGranaghan, illustrated by Wendy Edelson. Sylvan Dell creates some wonderful science-oriented stories for kids. Another creative way to get science into kids and kids into science! Thumbing through the book, you’ll find some brightly colored illustrations, each so unique you could tell your own story without reading a word. (Sylvan Dell, 2008)

Sergio Makes a Splash by Edel Rodriguez, illustrated by Edel Rodriguez A penguin with a floatie? Very cute. The text is big which could encourage emerging readers to help Sergio overcome his fear of the ocean. (Little, Brown and Company, 2008)

The Vowel Family: A Tale of Lost Letters by Sally M. Walker, illustrated by Kevin Luthardt This looks like a very funny, tricky book. It teaches vowels by actually leaving them out of words (at least part of the time). Reminds me of the book “CDB” (See the Bee) that I read in elementary school. (Carolrhoda Books, 2008)

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