Reading Ahead – Books for Ages 5 to 8 (November/December 2008)

The bulk of our new books these past two months have been seasonal titles for the holidays. Now that we have reviewed them, we’re looking forward to some of the others. Here are three that are resting near the top.

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Mama Panya’s Pancakes: A Village Tale from Kenya written by Mary and Rich Chamberlain, illustrated by Julia Cairns. The illustrations in this book are wonderful. I haven’t read a word, but have spent some time just flipping through the pages to explore the colorful images. (Barefoot Books, 2005) Reading level 3.8

Bugged! (Science Solves It) written by Michelle Knudsen and illustrated by Blance Sims. This is an easy reader (Flesch-Kincaid 2.1). It’s classified as fiction, but it’s part of the “Science Solves It” series, which gets kids interested in thinking, too. I’m hoping to find an answer that puts an end to my days as a mosquito magnet. (Kane Press, Inc., 2008) Reading Level 2.1

Jack and the Box written and illustrated by Art Spiegelman. Bright colors, repetitive text and linear comic strip illustrations caught our eye. This is designed to be an early reader graphic novel. (Little Lit Library, a Division of RAW Junior, LLC, 2008) Reading level .9

Mo and Jo; Fighting Together Forever written and illustrated by Dean Haspiel and Jay Lynch . This is an early reader graphic novel that introduces chapters. Mo and Jo are fighting siblings who need to work togethr to fight crime. (Little Lit Library, a Division of RAW Junior, LLC, 2008) Reading Level .7

Nanuq: A Baby Polar Bear’s Story written by Kathleen Duey, illustrated by Lara Gurin. It’s hard to classify this book. It is a picture book, but it’s also an easy reader (2.8 Flesch-Kincaid readability). Like Bugged! It is listed with fiction, but the story itself seems to offer lots of factual detail about a polar bear’s life. It comes with a CD, which makes it attractive for pre-readers and emerging readers. (Smart Kids Publishing, Inc., 2008) Reading Level 2.8

2 responses to “Reading Ahead – Books for Ages 5 to 8 (November/December 2008)

  1. Thanks for including Nanuq! it’s an interesting project for me.

    Included for the price of the book, there is a DVD of BBC wild animal footage, narrated by a child actor in “Nanuq’s” voice–and a key code to a website with reader readiness games based on polar bears and their habitats. So it is a three-fer mixed media package.

    There will be a separate web-based “habitat” for each book and the baby animal that stars in it. There will be a bunch of titles. There are four out now, I think. Or five. They are fun to write and the research is current (I do it) and often includes some new discoveries about the animals.

  2. Kathleen – Thanks for stopping by and for adding all of the additional details about Nanuq. I love the idea of adding multi-media to books. It really helps kids connect with reading and learning. We get a lot of books each week, and there are some that just seem to say “hey, look at me.” This was definitely one of them.

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