Reading Ahead – Books for Ages 9 to 12

The Case Against my Brother by Libby Sternberg. I never knew there was an anti-Catholic campaign in 1922. This is an historical fiction novel set in 1922. (Bancroft Press, 2007)

Child Out of Place: A Story of New England by Patricia Q. Wall. This is an historical fiction novel set in New Hampshire. The protagonist is 10-year-old Matty, a servant and newly-freed slave. The story follows her life, including her expecations about how the end of slavery will change things. It sounds like a thought-provoking book. (Fall Rose Books, 2007)

Destiny, Valor, and a Lizard named Louie by Michael Ambrosio. The title just makes me giggle. This is a chapter book fantasy. I’m intrigued by the study guide included. Fun reading and learning too? Cool! (Lionex Publishing, 2003)

Torina’s World: A Child’s Life in Madagascar by Benjamin Opsahl and Joni Kabana. The photographs in this picture book are just incredible. I look forward to learning more about a culture I know little about. (Arnica Creative, 2007)