Reading Round-Up, 1 December

Regular readers know that Jen Robinson and I are blog-pooling to produce the weekly literacy news and reading round-ups. Yesterday, Jen posted an incredibly comprehensive Children’s Literacy Round-Up, with blurbs that link you to litearcy studies, reading ideas, new resources, and award-wining programs. Here are two of the things I learned this week. In the spirit of the holiday, be sure to read …

  • Jen’s summary of a post about audiobooks that she found at Let the Wild Rumpus Start. If you know a reluctant  or struggling reader and are afraid to select books, pairing a book with an audio recording might make a perfect gift.
  • The quote from a UK-commissioned study that concludes that 30 minutes of one-on-one lteracy time can help “students with serious reading difficulties” make two years’ worth of gains in five months. Wow! Thirty minutes is a gift for a lifetime!

My thanks to Jen … We’d love to know what you think, so be sure to leave a comment at Jen Robinson’s Book Page.

One response to “Reading Round-Up, 1 December

  1. Thanks, Terry! There did seem to be a lot of good stuff this week. Fortunately I had some extra computer time with the long weekend. That quantitative data on one on one literacy time is amazing.

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