Reading Round-Up, 17 November

As promised and hot off the (virtual) presses, is this week’s edition of Children’s Literacy Round-up at Jen Robinson’s Book Page. There are lots of great items, and one of the themes of the past week seems to be reading aloud for kids. There is also plenty of chatting about selecting books as gifts. You’ll want to head over to Jen’s to read “How to Choose a Children’s Book (For Grandparents, the Childless, and the Clueless),” an article by Teri Schlichenmeyer for the Midwest Book Examiner. [It’s the fifth item down.]

In other news, The November Carnival of Children’s Literature is now available at Mommy’s Favorite Children’s Books. Karen’s theme is “The Gift of Reading,” and she has pulled together a great carnival. Whether you’re looking for ways to share a love of reading or a new book, you’ll find some wonderful ideas.

The 2008 Winter Blog Blast Tour launched today. Colleen Mondor hosts the event at Chasing Ray. Here is this week’s list of author and the blogger hosting the interview. You can always go to Chasing Ray to get the links of the day all in one place.

Lewis Buzbee at Chasing Ray
Louis Sachar at Fuse Number 8
Laurel Snyder at Miss Erin
Courtney Summers at Bildungsroman
Elizabeth Wein at Finding Wonderland
Susan Kulkin at The YA YA YAs

Ellen Dalow at Chasing Ray
Tony DiTerlizzi at Miss Erin
Melissa Walker at Hip Writer Mama
Luisa Plaja at Bildungsroman
DM Cornish at Finding Wonderland
LJ Smith at The YA YA YAs
Kathleen Duey at Bookshelves of Doom


Ellen Klages at Fuse Number 8
Emily Jenkins at Writing and Ruminating
Ally Carter at Miss Erin
Mark Peter Hughes at Hip Writer Mama
Sarah Littma at Bildungsroman
MT Anderson at Finding Wonderland
Mitali Perkins at Mother Reader


Martin Millar at Chasing Ray
John Green at Writing and Ruminating
Beth Kephart at Hip Writer Mama
Emily Ecton at Bildungsroman
John David Anderson at Finding Wonderland
Brandon Mull at The YA YA YAs
Lisa Papademetriou at Mother Reader


Mayra Lazara Dole at Chasing Ray
Francis Rourke Dowell at Fuse Number 8
J Patrick Lewis at Writing and Ruminating
Wendy Mass at Hip Writer Mama
Lisa Ann Sandell at Bildungsroman
Caroline Hickey/Sara Lewis Holmes at Mother Reader
A.S. King at Bookshelves of Doom

Happy Monday. It is already shaping up to be another busy, informative week for reading and children’s books.


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  1. Thanks, Terry! It’s quite a day for KidLit news, that’s for sure, with the carnival and the WBBT, and all the various literacy and reading news that we uncovered. Collaboration is the future, someone wise said recently…

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