Reading Round-up

Last week I started organizing my virtual life … and finally “launched” my Google Reader. It was a wonderful journey, with lots of hours spent reading through all the posts I felt like I “should have been” reading all along.

The result is a new column here at What Happens Next. Every Monday I’ll put together a collection of reading- and literacy-related posts from the previous week. When it comes to reading, there is no single place or no single person with “the” answer, so I’m happy to share other people’s thoughts … and give them all the credit.

Turn Off TV Week. You can Read about Turn Off TV Week at the official site, or, better yet, go over to A Wrung Sponge and see some of Cloudscome’s great ideas.

Reading with Kids: A Gender Gap? On Saturday, the Well-Read Child talked about a recent poll in the UK that focused on whether/not dads read with their kids. Jill offers her perspective on parents sharing a book with a kid. Read it here.

Audio Books: An Argument worth listening to.
Back in March, Jen Robinson wrote about a new Audio Booksite for kids books called Audible Kids. Here is her post. I missed it. [Remember, I didn’t have my blog reader set up!] Thankfully, I learned about it when I read Jill’s post about her experiences. I am an admitted audio book skeptic. Now I’m not so sure. If I wear my read-aloud-to-your-kids hat, is it all that different? Audible Kids also has a page of free downloads to promote Reading is Fundamental and literacy.