Reading Roundup, 15 December

For about a month now (maybe a little more), Jen Robinson and I have been sharing the fun of putting together the previous week’s news, literacy, and reading tidbits. When you read this week’s Children’s LIteracy Roundup at Jen’s, it is very easy to see how it’s become a two-woman job!  Be sure to scroll through for these items.

  • Jen found some more items that relate to recent rants about gender-based reading patterns.
  • There are a number of great initiatives to connect infants/toddlers with books. Be sure to read the Latrobe Valley Express article about the certificate for a Young Reader’s Program bag to be redeemed … at the LIBRARY!  Very cool!

Last but not least, be sure to read about the recent study in Ireland found that Irish children who are more physically active not only are happier, but have a higher levels of reading literacy. Jen’s question is a good one: Do you think that they’re happier because they have high levels of reading literacy? “Big muscle” activity is so important to helping kids focus and learn. Twenty minutes of playing hard can give you a non-fidgety, engaged learner for 45 minutes! Now, if f the NFL’s Play 60 and the WNBA/NBA’s Read to Achieve programs would combine forces, we’d probably get the kids REALLY pumped about reading.

Although we’ll still have plenty of time for blogging, we’ll be taking a break from the Roundups to enjoy some time with family and friends (and sneak in a couple books). We’ll kick off the 2009 Roundups here on 5 January.

Happy Holidays!

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  1. It does seem like more activity and more enjoyable reading would be two things that could combine to make happy kids, and engaged learners. You’ll notice that the article didn’t say anything about the kids being tested a lot.

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