Thanks to technology, we can EASILY find just about anything we want to know about literacy and teaching kids to read. Of course, the other side of that coin is that a simple search can return thousands of results. Who are the real experts? Where are the answers? I can’t understand the technical jargon, and I bet most of the parents looking for answers don’t either. So …

Jump in the Tub! Our goal is to promote reading and encourage families to read together. So when I find easy-to-use information, I will post it here. There is no regular schedule, just good stuff from people in-the-know that crosses my radar.

What Makes a Good Counting Book? This is a podcast by Dr. Patricia Stohr-Hunt, University of Richmond, Education Department.

I.N.K. Interesting Non-Fiction for Kids
Check out this website that has great information about ways to make learning fun. Non-fiction is NOT the same as textbook … stop by. You’ll learn something!