Reading with Kids – Let’s Make Some Noise

reading with kidsThere are lots of reasons that I love reading with kids. Sometimes I love a book for its story, but sometimes its for the words themselves. The way they “feel” in my mouth or when I say them out loud.

There are times when the illustration draws me in, and times when the wordplay makes me laugh out loud. 

Whatever the reason, the love of a book is meant to be shared.

We have created Book Recommendations as the place to go when you need to “feel” a book. These recommendations for reading with kids are all about the visceral (dare I say tactile) experience of reading.*

To kick off our new collection of reading with kids ideas, we have some books that are all about the sounds!

 Reading with Kids – Sounds Great!

moo by David LaRochelleMoo!
by David LaRochelle; illustrated by Mike Wohnoutka
Walker Books for Young Readers, 2013

There is only one word in the book, can you guess what it is?

This is one of my new favorite books. It is destined to be one of my top recommendations for reading with kids. Because “moo” is the ONLY word in the book, the kids can make up whatever story they want to go with the illustrations.

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Baby Goes Beep by Rebecca O'ConnellThe Baby Goes Beep!
by Rebecca O’Connell; illustrated by
Ken Wilson-Max
Albert Whitman & Company, 2010

Beep! Flip! Splash! Kiss! Shhh!

Pick this one when reading with kids = squirmy toddlers. They will love the repetition of each action … and making the sounds that Baby does.

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What's Your Sound Hound the Hound by mo willemsWhat’s Your Sound Hound the Hound
written and illustrated by Mo Willems
Balzer + Bray, 2010

Cat the Cat wants to know what sound each of her friends makes, so she asks them.

There is a lot of alliteration (Chick the Chick, Cow the Cow). This is an easy reader, meant for word repetition, but it is a nice selection for reading with kids at various stages of readiness and gives young audiences a chance to “sound off.”

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Choo Choo by Petr HoracekChoo Choo
written and illustrated by Petr Horacek
Candlewick, 2008

Is there a more classic word-sound for kids than choo choo?

This is a fun, fun read! The pages have shaped edges, which adds a nice dimension to all of the noises the train makes on its journey to the sea.

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Your Turn

What are your favorite books with words that are sounds?


*If you’re looking for book lists built around the “things” kids love, be sure to visit We Are a Family of Readers, where you can search by audience, theme, and more.

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