Same Story New Day? Or New Story, Same Day?

Maybe it’s because it’s March. Maybe it’s because it’s sunny … maybe it’s because I can’t get into my office because of all the YA books that have been pouring in. Whatever the reason, I seem to be spending a lot of my ‘zone’ time thinking about books, but more specifically stories. Where do they come from? So many intriguing ideas.

This morning I was being my ever impatient self, waiting at the bank drive through for the teller to stop being so-o-o friendly and neighborly with the person in front of me.  Then I stopped to listen  …

First the scene: four women (all with grey, teased hair) in a late-model car (what we’d call a tank)! They were clearly dressed to go somewhere, in fine jewelry and big earrings.  The driver is holding an envelope that she wants to share with the teller. It’s not a banking envelope, but it is apparently important.

The driver explains that today is her 83rd birthday. Yes, she is going to celebrate. Her friends are with her and they’re going somewhere nice. Lollipops? Sure! The teller hands out four lollipops … and the ladies gleefully pass them out as though they are five-year-olds picking a treat of their favorite color.

What a story … not only in that moment in time, but for the journey to get here, and for the anticipation of what lies ahead. Then I remember: some of the greatest stories come from chance, everyday events … we just need to “read” what’s going on.