Saturday Blurb: An Open Letter to Support Family Literacy (updated)

updated to fix broken link to Reading Tub profile on Great Nonprofits.

Great Nonprofits Campaign 2011

Dear Friends, Fellow Bloggers, and Readers,

As we have seen over the past few weeks, literacy programs and organizations have taken some very serious hits. Nonprofits that have been doing front-line work for ages are having to cut back on services and are scratching their heads to do more with less.

We have sent letters to our Congressional delegations, we’ve tweeted, we’ve talked … yet there is still one more thing we can do. We can raise our voice (and add a little encouragement) by recognizing some of these great nonprofits.

If you love our work then please, tell the world! Great Nonprofits – GreatNonprofits – a site like Amazon Book Reviews or TripAdvisor – is conducting a campaign to identify the top-rated children and family nonprofits in the country.

If you have a personal experience – volunteer, client, donor, or just admire an organization’s work – then we need your voice. It takes about 3 minutes to post a review of your experience. All reviews will be visible to potential donors and volunteers, ultimately helping us rebuild the village it takes to raise a reader.

Here are a few of my favorite literacy nonprofits that support Children and Families. The links will take you to the review page for their profile.

Be the Star You Are!

Everybody Wins DC, Inc.

Lullalee Productions and Services

Reach Out and Read

The Reading Connection

Reading is Fundamental

The Reading Tub (which includes Share a Story)

These are just the organizations that I have personally been involved with … there are lots of others, including some of your local outreach organizations, too.

Important: Be sure to choose “Children & Families” from the drop-down list of campaigns when posting your review.

If you’re interested in making a donation, that’s great, but it isn’t the reason for my open letter. My goal is to help put the emphasis back on the role literacy plays in our lives and the kiddos we are raising. With your help, we can gain greater visibility in the community.

Most sincerely,



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