Saturday Blurb: Live from KidLitCon – Sorta Kinda

I’d like to introduce Flat Terry! She has used all means of technology and transportation to participate in this weekend’s KidLitCon in Seattle, WA.

When a last-minute personal situation prevented me from making the trip out West, I asked my friends Carol Rasco (@RascofromRIF) and Jen Robinson (@JensBookPage) what they thought of a transportable me. They loved the idea. Voila! I was instantly two places at once. Ernestine’s pinking sheers added a little more style so I could be fancy for all the doings in Seattle!  I even packed a change of clothes  … somewhere!

If you follow Carol on Twitter, you know that she took a “mystery guest” with her on the journey from Washington, DC. Flat Terry has been to several airports, helped with RIF book distribution, and sits with Jen and Carol during the various panels. She may even participate as a panelist for One is Silver and the Other’s Gold: A Discussion on Blogging Backlist vs. New Releases, and Why It Doesn’t Have to Be Versus, as originally planned!

I am checking in on #kidlitcon as often as I can. The discussions are wonderful – as always – and it is so exciting to see so many new folks there and friends I’ve met in the last year through blogging here and at Share a Story.

Words can’t express how much it means to have thoughts coming back this way.

The group pic with Lee Wind (@LeeWind) and Alice Pope (@AlicePope) last night was just what I needed at the end of one of those “36 hour days.”

Thank you Carol … and Jen … and all my friends in Seattle. And a super-special thanks to Colleen Mondor (@ChasingRay) and Jackie Parker (@Interactiver) for all they did to turn the Hotel Monaco into the Children’s and Young Adult capital of the world this weekend!





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