Science 101: Does Water have a Season?

We recently had the chance to share Ron Hirschi’s non-fiction picture book Ocean Seasons with a Kindergarten class. Let’s just say it made a big splash!

In this picture book, Hirshi shows us how the seasons in the Pacific Ocean mirror our experiences on land. In the spring, as more light arrives, plants begin to grow … more plants mean more foraging by the creatures of the sea. As the sun shifts to the southern hemisphere, autumn arrives, and the plants lose the light they need for photosynthesis. Then come the chilly winds of winter. Sound familiar?

The illustrations are wonderful, albeit unusual for most of the non-fiction picture books we see. What they offer, though, is a chance to truly isolate the teaching point in a way that pictures can’t. How do you show the evening sea-glow of plankton on film?

The kids loved the whimsical illustration of an otter floating on its back; and, according to their teacher, listened attentively as each page described the animal/plant characteristics, habitat, and the cycle of life.

After you read this book, you’ll see the ocean (and rivers, streams, and creeks) in a very different way. Like all Sylvan Dell books, this one offers free educational tools (flash cards, teacher guides) that reinforce and expand the learning. Whether you’re taking a class to the local watershed or planning a trip to the beach, there is something fun to do that builds on what you’ve learned.

The materials are easily found on their website. We’ve got a link to them in our review. Just click the Book Tree icon on our website. Click here for our review.