airplane flight! a lift-the-flap adventure

Are you ready to take a flight? Well, meet Captain Bright and Co-pilot Snow, as they prepare the plane for lift-off! Come test out the wings and turn the lights on and off, and we're cleared for lift-off, let's go! But, wait! There's a storm cloud up ahead! The radar is flashing red! What shall we do? The skillful Captain Bright guides the plane around the storm, and bring her in for a safe landing. Thank you, Captain Bright and Copilot Snow!
Educational Themes:
Even though this is fiction, it is still informational. Kids can learn all about airplanes. With the lift-the-flaps, they can also work on their fine motor skills. Bring the book to life by going out to look for airplanes in the sky, building paper airplanes, or pretending to be planes.
Reading Level:
Recommended Age To Read By Yourself:
5 to 8
Recommended Age To Read Together:
1 to 6
Age of child:
Read with two boys, ages 2 and 4.
Purchase Recommendation:
Buy. I loved this book, and my 2-year-old loved this book. It is sure to bring delight to your family and is worth the cost, even knowing that most lift-the-flap books will lose flaps and get torn apart. BONUS: Planning on going on a plane trip any time s
Little Kid Reaction
My 2 year old (nearly 3) LOVED this book. He LOVED lifting the flaps. The illustrations were colorful' the story was gentle and fun; and the text was just the right length for his attention span. He requested this book repeatedly as one of his top choices.

My 4-year-old enjoyed the book, but, having a longer attention span and fewer requirements to capture his attention, was amenable to choosing other books for reading time.
Big Kid Reaction
I liked this book. The lift-the-flaps were extremely well done. Some lift the flap books just show you "what's inside," but these clever flaps create ACTION -- the lights turning on and off, the wing-flaps lifting up and down, the plane lifting off into the sky. I was impressed with the cleverness.

I also enjoyed the story. It was a cute story, gentle, and just the right amount of words for a 2 year old's attention span.

Combine a clever use of lift-the-flaps and a cute story with colorful illustrations, and you have a book well-suited for the age group. Airplanes + lift-the-flaps + 2-year-olds = FUN!



Title Airplane Flight! A Lift-the-flap Adventure
Author Susanna Hill
Publisher Little Simon © 2009
Illustrators Ana Martín Larrañaga
ISBN 9781416978329
Material Board Book
Cost $7.99
Genres Picture Book, Rhyme, Interactive Learning, Airplane

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