baby sitter (first time series)


Wow! The baby sitter likes to play with me, with my toys and games, and even teaches me new games! After I’m in bed, Mommy and Daddy come home. Each of the books in this series addresses a situation in which a child might have anxiety. They portray each experience as being FUN and EXCITING with LOTS of chances to play and learn new things. We also learn a bit about how to behave.

Educational Themes:

The books are designed to help kids dealing with their fears and prepare them for specific types of activities and the appropriate behavior that goes with it. The minimal text and bright colors encourage the kids to "read" the books themselves, which may also help them process the information at their own pace.

Reading Level:
Recommended Age To Read By Yourself:
4 to 6
Recommended Age To Read Together:
2 to 5
Age of child:
Read with 3-year-old boy.
Purchase Recommendation:
Buy! I would buy one or more of the books if you are planning on that activity (say, buy “Nursery” about 1 month before starting at a preschool.)
Little Kid Reaction:

My son liked these books, because they were colorful and he could relate to them. We didn’t have any NEW experiences like in these books to test whether they were effective in alleviating his fears, but he enjoyed them anyhow, particularly the one about Nursery School, since he IS familiar with that activity, so he could relate to it. The illustrations were very colorful and my son LOVED leafing through the pages on his own, book after book after book!

Big Kid Reaction:

I thought these books were wonderful to help initiate a discussion with my child about taking on a new experience. Even if they aren't having issues with any of these activities (such as having a hard time accepting the babysitter/mommy and daddy leaving the house), I think these would be a valuable resource for addressing the issue and helping the child cope – helping them see the FUN aspects of the activity and alleviating some of the anxiety. I also loved that the book was published as a hybrid board/paper page book; the pages were made from thick, laminated card stock that was thinner than a board book, making it less bulky yet wonderfully resilient to little hands. It really encouraged independent “reading” (i.e. looking at the pictures).


The pictures in these books are wonderfully illustrated with bright colors and LOTS of happy kids. The text is minimal, and helps to promote discussion about the situation.


The text is a little awkward, but still sufficient for initiating the dialogue.

Title Baby Sitter

 First Time Series

Author Jess Stockham
Publisher Child's Play International, Ltd © 2010
Illustrators Jess Stockham
ISBN 9781846432798
Material Hard Cover
Cost $5.99
Genres Family, Picture Book Series, Growing Up
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