i need to be safe: i'm worth it!


This handbook has two goals: to make children aware of the dangers that surround them; and to provide a self-defense program that will enable children to counter physical threats or dangers that might confront them. The program is based upon the C.L.A.S.S. Self-Defense Program developed by the author.

Educational Themes:

The book presents valuable information about dangerous situations that can be used for discussion, including the physical dangers that can harm them. It also provides the reader with a self-defense program aimed at avoiding or escaping from dangerous circumstances. With teacher, parent, counselor, or coach as moderator, the programs can be of help in developing student awareness to dangers that can affect them.

Reading Level:
Recommended Age To Read By Yourself:
10 and Up
Recommended Age To Read Together:
8 to 13
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Purchase Recommendation:
Borrow or skip it. A book, by itself, cannot provide you with the training and coaching that the situation demands. If the reader believes the area where she/he lives requires self-defense training, find a local program to provide you with the skills you
Young Reader Reaction

Everyday, we would turn on the news to hear about people getting killed or abducted. Rather than just being afraid or becoming a victim, the author teaches us how to protect ourselves from any unexpected attacks. This book is a useful tool for pretty much everyone. It is very important to be aware of the reality that there is violence and crime in the world. Our society is not completely filled with dangerous people, but it is important to be prepared for any unexpected attacks that can happen to any of us at any moment.

Parent Reaction

The book and its content are valuable. It certainly is a well organized and substantive self protection program. However, the program requires a "trained" facilitator familiar with kids and what, when, and how they learn. Untrained parents, teachers, counselors, or coaches will probably do more harm than good and wind up getting children hurt or maimed before they step out the gym door and into the real world of confrontation.


In the first part of the book the author focuses on children’s awareness of danger. There is a thorough list of situations that can potentially cause harm to children. The author also presents viable and practical suggestions on how children can minimize those dangers.


Although the book is written for children, it is really an adult primer on self-defense. For their safety and security, it will be necessary to ensure that students who participate don’t become over-confident with their new physical prowess. Breaking the choke-hold of a classmate on a mat in gym class is not the same as doing so to an adult who surprises their prey from behind.

Title I Need To Be Safe: I'm Worth It!
Author Janet Goliger
Publisher CLASS Publications © 2006
Illustrators Janet Goliger
ISBN 9780976827320
Material Paperback
Cost $19.95
Genres Family, Middle Grade, Sports, Concepts - Safety
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