insects on display; a guide to mounting and displaying insects

This is a resource for those who would like to expand their interest in entomology by collecting and displaying insects. The guidebook covers every aspect of collecting and displaying insects and provides resources that can be readily accessed.
Educational Themes:
Use this guidebook to expand a child's interest in insects. The book provides the reader with everything he/she needs to know about collecting and displaying insects.
Reading Level:
Recommended Age To Read By Yourself:
10 and Up
Recommended Age To Read Together:
8 to 12
Age of child:
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Purchase Recommendation:
Borrow. This book is an excellent resource, especially for that high school biology project! If the two-legged bug lover in your house would like to really “get into” things entomological, buy this book. The recipient will be as excited about this volume
Little Kid Reaction
There are plenty of people who either detest or are afraid of insects. I was not a big fan of bugs until I read this book. The author tells us about supplies and techniques we need, and does a good job explaining how to make insect displays attractive. I would strongly recommend this book to readers who are interested in insects or biology in general. Children can learn the important role insects play in nature. The author also encourages team work, which can be applied not only to friends, but family members as well. Even for those people who hate or afraid of insects can get affiliated with insects, as the book presents how beneficial and positive insects are in nature. I personally liked the pictures of insects the author presented in every sections of the book.
Big Kid Reaction
The author’s first book The Insect Book is a handbook for young children interested in collecting and caring for common insects. The vocabulary level in both books is appropriate to the audience, the illustrations are clean and simple and the projects are informative and challenging.

This guidebook takes the insect enthusiast to a new level of interest in entomology. As with the earlier book, readers will continue to be fascinated by the processes of collecting and displaying insects.



Title Insects On Display; A Guide To Mounting And Displaying Insects
Author Connie Zakowski
Publisher Rainbow Books, Inc. © 2014
ISBN 156825041X
Material Hard Cover
Cost $9.95
Genres Nature, Animals (Nonfiction), Middle Grade, Interactive Learning
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