mysteries and marvels of nature (usborne internet linked)

Do grasshoppers have muscles? How do sea otters sleep? Find the answers to all your questions about animal traits and habitats in this book that lets kids learn about animals by researching topics.
Educational Themes:
This is a reference book for science. The book is crammed with information, and linking it to the Internet offers expanded learning with videos, additional text, and even more facts.
Reading Level:
Recommended Age To Read By Yourself:
10 to 12
Recommended Age To Read Together:
8 to 10
Age of child:
Explored with a 5-year-old girl. Also read by a student at Robbinsdale Cooper High School, New Hope, MN. This was part of our Use Your ABCs classroom literacy project.
Purchase Recommendation:
Borrow. This is a great resource for a classroom or library. Unless you have a budding zoologist or biologist, this is a book that will only be picked up for science projects.
Little Kid Reaction
5yo: Like all kids, our child was fascinated by the 'scary' pictures. S/He would turn a page, offer an "ooh" or "yuck," and then follow that with a "what's this?"
Robbinsdale Student: This book was okay. What I liked about it is the pictures and how the plants get food. I picked this book because of the picture of the tiny frog on the cover. I learned that there is a new plant called the Chinese Lantern.
Big Kid Reaction
This is not a story. This is a fact-filled book that invites kids to explore the animal kingdom at their own pace, in their own way. The photos are incredible, and naturally captivating. You will be smarter when you finish this book.

By organizing information topically, kids can contrast/compare animal habits and traits. The text debunks a lot of the "scariness" that some of the pictures might suggest. Robbinsdale student: This is great for kids who love animals and are ready to learn something new.


Although the descriptions change, there is only one URL offered in the book. There is enough text on every page not to crowd it with a promo. Robbinsdale: Some of the pictures may be too scary for children under the age of 6.

Title Mysteries And Marvels Of Nature (Usborne Internet Linked)
Author Elizabeth Dalby
Publisher Usborne Publishing Ltd © 2003
Illustrators Candice Whatmore, Reuben Barrance
ISBN 079450597X
Material Hard Cover
Cost $19.99
Genres Nature, Science, Animals (Nonfiction), Middle Grade, Interactive Learning, Atlases & Maps
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