wanted: teen seeking truth and a desire to save the world


She didn't witness her parents' death in a bomb attack, but K (15) knows they were killed in a bomb attack. Now, she narrowly escapes a bombing in the train station. The man who rescued her says it was another Brotherhood attack against the Citizens and recruits her to help him find these terrorists. With nowhere to go and nothing to lose, K agrees to go undercover at a Brotherhood high school, using the identity Verity Nekton. In a matter of weeks, K/Verity realizes that things are not always black and white; and there is more to life than chasing right and wrong. She's made her choice, but is it one she can live with?

Educational Themes:

Terrorism and terrorist cells play a central part in this story. There is no mention of religion or global location, allowing for discussions of belief systems, manipulation, assumptions, et al, not just in the context terrorism but gangs as well.

Reading Level:
Recommended Age To Read By Yourself:
10 and Up
Recommended Age To Read Together:
12 and Up
Purchase Recommendation:
Definitely borrow. You're going to want to share. Adults and teens alike will find this a book worth reading and recommending.
Parent Reaction:

What a refreshing book. K/Verity is a strong, relatable character. She gives equal voice to the usual things 15-year-olds worry about for themselves, as well as observing and thinking about the world around her and how to figure out the Truth. Through K/Verity, the author offers contrasts to the two parts of town, physically and demographically, without imposing judgement on either side. She also does an excellent job laying out the dangers of pre-judgement and the nuances of feeling like you "belong" somewhere. With the exception of the initial scene, there is no "on screen" violence.


Teen readers interested in spy stories and mystery, and/or who crave characters with strong voices will find it nearly impossible not to read One of Us in one or two sittings.



Title One Of Us
Author Jeannie Waudby
Publisher Running Press © 2015
ISBN 9780762457991
Material Hard Cover
Genres Young Adult, Mystery, Realistic Fiction, Contemporary Fiction
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