Sky High, The True Story Of Maggie Gee


All Maggie wanted to do was fly! But this was the 1940s and women flying planes was a new idea. But, with World War II, the US Army's air service needed pilots. This is the true story of one of only two Chinese American women to fly planes during WWII. You will see how she served our country doing something that few women had done before: fly planes.

Reader Enjoyment Factors:

This biography introduces kids to women in American history, as well as the biography genre. The presentation is easy to understand and read for young elementary students. Readers who know about Amelia Earhart will want to know more about Maggie Gee.

Content Awareness Factors:


Little Kid Reaction

My daughter liked reading about a women who was able to do a “man’s job” during the war. It interested her to read the true information in the back of the book where they tell all that Maggie did not just do the flying part. She thought it was very brave of her to even try to fly the plane for the Air Force.

Parent Reaction

I liked the book a lot. I thought it might be hard for my daughter to understand and was surprised when she wanted to read more about Maggie in the back of the book, I enjoyed reading it and liked the informational pages in the back of the book as well. The pictures really added to the story and made it more believable. This is a great read for any young girl.

Type of Book:
This is a biography of a little-known pilot, as well as history of women in aviation.
Educational Themes:

In addition to talking about one woman's achievements as an aviator and the history of World War II, the story introduces the themes of pursuing your dreams. This is a nice introduction to the biography genre for kids. 

Reading Level:
Recommended Age To Read By Yourself:
7 to 9
Recommended Age To Read Together:
5 to 8
Age of child:
Read with 5-year-old girl.
Purchase Recommendation:
Borrow, at least. This is an outstanding, unique story to share with kids. It is perfect for the school or local library.

Title Sky High: The True Story of Maggie Gee
Author Marissa Moss
Publisher Tricycle Press © 2009
Illustrators Carl Angel
ISBN 9781582462806
Material Hard Cover
Genres Transportation, Biography, History, War
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