Sort It Out!


Packy Rat has been busy today. His wagon is filled with treasures. His mother doesn't see it that way. She just sees clutter. So she tasks Packy with the job of sorting his things and putting them away.

Reader Enjoyment Factors:

Kids will jump into this story of helping Packy sort and categorize; anticipate the rhyming words, and explore the other elements of the story.

Content Awareness Factors:

Because the scale of each page changes and the objects change, it isn't immediately easy to see that Packy's pile of treasures is dwindling.

Little Kid Reaction

The kids loved this book, and were quick to discover the "extra hands" helping Packy.

Parent Reaction

This is a great book. It is very useful in the classroom, but also has wonderful attributes for sharing at home. It is much easier to truly explore the story and illustrations (like the hidden pictures) when the book is in your lap.

Type of Book:
Young listeners and readers learn sorting and categorizing ... and help solve a mystery, too.
Educational Themes:

This book offers you lots to do. For toddlers and preschoolers, you can use the book for object identification, learning colors, understanding texture, and basic sorting. For elementary students, expand the study of sorting and categorizing Copy (or cut out) the picture cards in the back and then "copy" Packy's sorting themes, and add some of your own, such as thin things (bean, toothbrush, needle, umbrella). Ask your child to collect his/her treasures and create your own sorting game.

Reading Level:
Recommended Age To Read By Yourself:
6 to 9
Recommended Age To Read Together:
4 to 8
Age of child:
Read with a Kindergarten class.
Purchase Recommendation:
Buy. This book has long-term value. Kids will enjoy the rhyme and whimsical story (even after they know the end), and you can draw out lessons with ever-increasing sophistication as they get older.

Title Sort It Out!
Author Barbara Mariconda
Publisher Arbordale Publishing © 2008
Illustrators Sherry Rogers
ISBN 9781934359112
Material Hard Cover
Cost $16.95
Genres Math, Science, Poetry
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