spectacular journey


Three life-long friends – Boogie (a pink rabbit), Kide (a brown bear), and Nahdoh(a white bear) – live in a beautiful mountain forest. One of their favorite things to do is listen to Nahdoh describe the many journeys he had taken off the mountain. When Boogie and Kide ask to go with Nahdoh on a journey, together they must handle the challenges, dangers, and surprises of their adventures.

Educational Themes:
The story is a fable, and as such, gives the reader a variety of ways and levels to become engaged with the book. It starts with the simple story of three friends going on an adventure. The challenges they face arouse fears and uncertainties they have never before experienced. The story will generate lots of questions and observations that the reader will want to share, that’s where teachers or parents can facilitate meaningful discussion.
Reading Level:
Recommended Age To Read By Yourself:
10 to 12
Recommended Age To Read Together:
7 to 12
Age of child:
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Purchase Recommendation:
Buy. Spectacular Journey is an impressive piece of children’s literature, not just a children’s book.
Little Kid Reaction

This is a very delightful book. It is full of the excitement of an adventure story, yet also reveals the growth and realizations of the main characters as they make discoveries about life. The book would mainly be targeted towards kids ages 7-10. The prose is very suitable for their reading level, and the story would also appeal to them. The plot includes some fictitious characters and lots of rich descriptions. I think the life lessons that the animals learn on their journey could definitely apply to our personal lives as well. The characters are strongly made, each with their own distinct personality yet all demonstrating good morals and having a strong, lasting bond between them. Also included are decorative illustrations that add to the descriptions. Overall, I think this book is very well-rounded and is a heartwarming read.

Big Kid Reaction

From its well crafted story and engaging characters, to its superb illustrations, this is a literary work not simply a children’s book. If the author’s intent was to engage his readers and/or listeners, tickle their funny bone, pique their curiosity, and quench their thirst for adventure, his mission has been successfully accomplished.


This is a well written and illustrated piece of children's literature.



Title Spectacular Journey
Author Donaki
Publisher Ithaca Press © 2006
Illustrators Akiko Rosenberry, Susan Rosenberry
ISBN 0977148262
Material Hard Cover
Cost $20.00
Genres Animal Characters, Adventure, Middle Grade, Fantasy, Friendship, Humor
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