The American Schoolhouse Reader; A Colorized Children’s Reading Collection From Post-victorian America, 1890–1925 (3-book Set)


This set of books is designed to grow with your child and their learning needs. Book I is a pictorial alphabet book for pre-K to first graders. Book II focuses on reading exercises for children K- to second graders. Book III contains delightful stories, poems, skits, and dramatic tales for grades 2 to 4.

Reader Enjoyment Factors:

Children will be delighted with the stories and the art work. Parents and teachers will be impressed with the wholesome selections, the pedagogy under-pinning the program, the beauty of the coloration, and durability of the works themselves.

Content Awareness Factors:


Parent Reaction

If Beverly Allie had simply selected, edited, organized and presented the materials that make up this supplemental reading program, she would merit recognition for providing students and teachers with an extraordinary learning and teaching tool. Employing her talent as an illustrator to colorize the works, she has created a truly impressive and beautiful set of supplemental reading books for Pre-K to Grade 4 that are as artistic as they are functional.

Type of Book:
The books offer a series of school-based lessons for elementary children.
Educational Themes:

This is a supplemental reading program for K-4 students. It is comprised of exercises, stories, etc. that parents and teachers can use to reinforce the competencies of young readers. The program is pedagogically sound, appropriate for its audience, and appealing to the eye, ear, brain, and heart.

Reading Level:
Recommended Age To Read By Yourself:
6 to 9
Recommended Age To Read Together:
3 to 9
Age of child:
Started reading with 5-year-old child.
Purchase Recommendation:
Buy! This is an extraordinary set of books. If one has children of their own or is related to pre-school children, these books are something you will want for your library. Whether one is a student, parent, or teacher, they will treasure the books for a l

Title The American Schoolhouse Reader: A Colorized Children’s Reading Collection from Post-Victorian America, 1890–1925
Author Beverly Allie
Publisher 45th Parallel Concepts Limited © 2006
Illustrators Beverly Allie
ISBN 0974761508
Material Hard Cover
Cost $33.95
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