The Hat That Wore Clara B.


When all the ladies wear their hats to church, Clara B. wants her grandmother's. Even though it is too big for her, she is determined to find a way to wear it. They all go to the grandmother's house for lunch and she is able to find a way to put it on her head. All does not go well and it gets messed up. In the end, grandma buys Clara B a hat that matches her own.

Reader Enjoyment Factors:

Beautiful pictures, an endearing little girl, and a believable story combine to create a book that all kids will relate to.

Content Awareness Factors:

It was disappointing that Clara B was rewarded for taking something without asking.

Little Kid Reaction

My daughter picked this book because of the little girl's name. She thought that Clara B. was cute and wanted to see what the story was all about. She gasped when Clara B. has trouble with the hat. She added that Clara B. was going to get into trouble and she didn’t want to read that part. Of course she did read it but the story was well written because it made her feel like Clara B. was a real little girl. She enjoyed the pictures as they looked more like beautiful artwork.

Parent Reaction

I enjoyed the pictures and the story was cute. I did not like that Clara B. didn’t get into trouble when she hurt her grandmothers hat. It was almost like she got rewarded because her grandmother bought her one just like her own. I enjoyed watching my daughter react to the story. When Clara B. put the hat on her head my daughter's face lit up and she said “she finally got to try it on.”

Type of Book:
This is a picture book story that offers lessons in creative problem solving, accepting consequences, and love.
Educational Themes:

Kids will easily see themselves in Clara B. There are opportunities to talk about feelings (i.e., really wanting something), choices and consequences, and asking permission - even if it's family.

Reading Level:
Recommended Age To Read By Yourself:
8 to 10
Recommended Age To Read Together:
3 to 7
Age of child:
Read with a 5-year-old girl.
Purchase Recommendation:
Borrow. This is a delightful story and the illustrations are beautiful.

Title The Hat That Wore Clara B.
Author Melanie Turner-Denstaedt
Publisher Farrar, Straus and Giroux, Imprint Macmillan Publishers © 2009
Illustrators Frank Morrison
ISBN 9780374327941
Material Hard Cover
Genres Family, Life Lessons, Growing Up, Family - Grandparents
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