The Invisible Man


Griffin arrived at the inn near Port Stowe late one evening in February. Everyone thought him odd, as he always wore his overcoat and hat, and kept to himself. It wasn't long before his secret was out - he was invisible! Griffin, having discovered how to make himself invisible, saw it for the horror it was, yet his anger continued to spin out of control until, ultimately, he was killed.

Reader Enjoyment Factors:

Great graphic details and lots of action bring this classic to a new audience, including dormant readers.

Content Awareness Factors:

If you're not used to reading graphic novels or comic books, it may take a little bit to balance the order of things so that the story - and particularly the dialog - make sense.

Little Kid Reaction

8YO: The dark cover caught our daughter's attention, and the quick pace of the story kept her reading. She turned to the end early but then came back to read it through. She spent lots of time looking at the details of the picture, regularly asking us to read so she could look at them.

Teen reviewer: Because this hooks you from the very beginning, I call this an "easy reading book." I enjoy stories where the antagonist is the main character. The story is original and visionary for its time, particularly with its dark humor and social criticism. This story provokes the question of whether power makes a man evil or power only reveals the true evil inside the man.

Parent Reaction

The Invisible Man is a perfect story for this format. The text stays true to Wells' original, but the dialogue allows it to move more quickly. Being able to see the invisibility and consequences also makes this more accessible to younger kids.

Type of Book:
This is a graphic novel version of H.G. Wells classic science fiction story
Educational Themes:

This is a story that is meant to raise the issue of the "dangers of science without humanity." The format doesn't change the opportunity to talk about scientific research and ethics.

Reading Level:
Recommended Age To Read By Yourself:
10 to 13
Recommended Age To Read Together:
8 to 10
Age of child:
Read with an 8-year-old girl. Also read by a Teen STAR Review Team reader from Be the Star You Are!™
Purchase Recommendation:
Borrow. This is a great story and one to see come back to life. If you've got a science fiction fan, this is the version to get.

Title The Invisible Man

Campfire Graphic Novels

Author H. G. Wells, Sean Taylor
Publisher Campfire © 2010
Illustrators Bhupendra Ahluwalia
ISBN 9788190782937
Material Hard Cover
Cost $9.99
Genres Comics | Graphic Novels, Children's Classics, Science Fiction
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