The Shadow Diamond (The Second Adventure Begins)


The adventures of 10-year-old Becca Addison continue. In the last book, Becca and her family, having discovered their magical powers, used them to catch a kidnapper and robber. Richard Grant, the perpetrator, was caught, but he has since escaped. Rumor has it he plans to punish everyone responsible for catching and jailing him. Can Becca and her friends put the criminal back behind bars? Sounds like Richard has the upper hand this time.

Reader Enjoyment Factors:

The author’s ability to capture the excitement, exuberance, frenetic behavior and attention span of adolescent girls is maintained. As a result, the characters are authentic, believable, and fun to know.

Content Awareness Factors:

The efforts to sustain the adventure get bogged down with too many characters and too many sub-plots. Editing would have reduced some of the adventures, shortened tedious description and eliminated some of the dialect. This author has a lot of potential, and I hope she has a publisher who recognizes it.

Young Reader Reaction

I picked this book because I thought it would be interesting and fun. I liked this book because it is a wonderful to read. Becca had a positive attitude. This made me want to read the first book.

Parent Reaction

The author really knows her audience. She has a lot of familiarity with preteen girls and wants to educate as well as entertain her audience. That said, this is over-kill. The first book was very well done and a fun read. This sequel has a frenetic pace, with too much of everything to keep the reader engaged. Unfortunately the readers will probably lose interest and put the book on the shelf.

Type of Book:
This is the second title in this fantasy adventure series for pre-teens.
Educational Themes:

The educational value of this book is that it is a fun read. If one is looking for a book that will be enjoyable and exciting, particularly for adolescent girls, this is a great choice.

Reading Level:
Recommended Age To Read By Yourself:
10 to 13
Recommended Age To Read Together:
9 to 12
Age of child:
Read by a student at Robbinsdale Cooper High School, New Hope, MN. This was part of our Use Your ABCs classroom literacy project.
Purchase Recommendation:
Borrow. This is an enjoyable read for preteen and teenage girls.

Title The Shadow Diamond (The Second Adventure Begins)
Author S. Brooke
Publisher PublishAmerica © 2008
ISBN 9781606106594
Material Paperback
Cost $19.95
Genres Adventure, Mystery
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